New Rules Early Reinstatement of Driving Colorado Residents

Some individuals subject to driving restraints related to alcohol or drug issues may be allowed to reinstate their driving privileges ahead of their normal eligibility date if they participate in the Ignition Interlock program. Early reinstatement is limited to drivers who: Are residents of Colorado Are 21 years of age or older at the time

New Colorado Drug Laws

New Drug Law Reclassifies Many Simple Possession Crimes On March 1st, 2020 HB 19-1263 went in effect to reclassify many drug possession offenses from felonies to misdemeanors, and reduce sentencing for many drug offenses.   Under the new law, the classifications for possession of less than 4 grams of most Schedule I and II controlled substances,

How Domestic Violence Cases Get Dismissed

If you have been charged with a domestic violence offense, the best outcome you can hope for is a dismissal of your case by the prosecuting attorney’s office that filed charges.  A dismissal is different than a finding of not guilty in that a case is dismissed, either because the prosecutor’s office decides not to

Domestic Violence Mandatory Arrest Colorado

Domestic violence laws in the state of Colorado are very strict. Did you know that Colorado is a mandatory arrest state? This means that if the police are called as a response to an altercation between intimate or domestic partners, somebody will be arrested whether or not anyone wants to press charges. Critics Critics of mandatory

Domestic Violence Colorado False Reporting

Each year, 1.5 million restraining orders are issued in the United States that are based on false domestic violence accusations. Each year, tax payers spend a staggering 20 billion dollars on welfare and public benefit services that arise from false allegations of domestic violence which consequently force children into single-parent households. For a criminal charge

Can a Lawyer (legally) Lie?

Attorneys still can’t personally lie or deceive, but they can now guide and advise others to use deceitful actions “in lawful investigative activities”.  Activities and investigations by the Jefferson County District Attorney’s Office and the Colorado Attorney General’s Office triggered a change in the Rules of Professional Conduct relating to Attorneys.  For years these offices

Felon Transfer Gun Possession

Yesterday in Henderson v. United States, 575 U.S. (2015), the Supreme Court held that a court may approve a convicted felon’s request to transfer his firearms to another person provided the other person does not allow the convicted person to maintain any control over the gun, i.e., constructively possess it. Click here to read the

Traffic Stop Duration

A routine traffic stop is more like a brief stop under Terry v. Ohio, 392 U. S. 1, than an arrest, see, e.g., Arizona v. Johnson, 555 U. S. 323, 330. Its tolerable duration is determined by the seizure’s “mission,” which is to address the traffic violation that warranted the stop ,Illinois v. Caballes, 543 U. S. 405, 407 and attend to related